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Sr. No. Name of the PhD Guide Subject and Contact Details
1 Dr. H. A. Kadri

(Associate Professsor)

Law 9225144993
2 Dr. P. H. Pendharkar

(Associate Professor)

Law 9890224334
3 Dr. Manish Sonawane

(Associate Professor)

Law 9923626291


Code of Ethics to check Plagiarism in Research


1) Teaching and research being a noble profession it is very essential that our institute’s reputation should not be harm by plagiarism. Plagiarism means copying another person’s work as one’s own work. Plagiarism some time is done knowingly or sometime may be innocently.

2) It is responsibility of college or individual to distinguish original contents from plagiarized work. Such detection has to be made by a person who understands the subject. In our college university has given access to the plagiarism check software namely URKUND to Dr. Kadri Harunrashid.

3) In our college, the LL.M. dissertations are required to be submitted after plagiarism checked. Only 10% plagiarism is permissible as per the University norms. The Principal, course coordinator and subject teacher guide is responsible to see that the plagiarism is below the required standard.

4) All students are required to submit undertaking that, their part of work of assignment, term paper, dissertation, research paper is not copied in any form and it is their own creation.

5) Examiner after detecting plagiarism will report the alleged plagiarism with recommendation to take disciplinary action against them.

6) College has formed the research committee to check the plagiarism.

7) If committee found plagiarized work, will call the candidate and ask him to show proper context with appropriate references.

8) If similarity does not directly affect the original findings then no further action is taken and permitted to submit the research paper/ dissertation.

9) If found plagiarized work he will be required to resubmit the work with proper citation. Students, faculties, researcher will be trained for using a plagiarism detection tool approved by the university.

10) No dissertation is accepted without the certificate of plagiarism. All the faculties are made aware of the University norms relating to plagiarism and submit their research paper only after plagiarism checked.

The committee of experts will use the best possible software provided by Savitribai Phule Pune University for detecting the plagiarism. Depending on the percentage of plagiarism the punishment could be:

  1. warning
  2. Fine
  3. Non-aceptance of dissertation.
  4. Rustication for limited period or permanent.

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