Code of Conduct Students


  1. Every student of the college shall abide by the rules of college discipline.
  2. Every student seeking admission to this college shall give the following undertaking- “I hereby agree, if admitted to confirm to the rules and regulation at present in force or that may hereafter be made for the governance of the college and I undertake that so long as I am a student of the college.  I will do nothing either inside or outside the college that will interfere with its orderly governance and discipline. I further declare that I shall not take part in any movement which is likely to be subversive of law and order and if found indulge in such activity. the Principal reserves the right  of cancelling the admission of concerned student  as a disciplinary action
  3. Every student shall also make the following declaration : ” I hereby submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Vice – Chancellor and the officers and authorities  of the University / and Director – principal and the authorities of the college and of Gokhale Education  Society  and shall observe and abide by the rules made by the Vice Chancellor  in that behalf  and also by the society and the Director and Principal of the College”
  4. Students must observe complete silence and discipline in the college premises. They must not loiter in the passages and corridors after classes have begun.  They are advised to sit quietly in the library and spend their spare time in such a way as not to cause any disturbance with work of others. Absolute silence must be preserved in the library as well as in the classroom and in the campus.
  5. Students must be punctual in attendance and be in their seats five minutes before at the start of lectures.
  6. No person shall be invited to address or to entertain the students of the college without prior written permission of the Principal.
  7. Subjects of debates or events/ pieces of entertainment in the college shall be first approved by the Principal. A responsible person approved or nominated by the Principal, Shall be in chair at all college debates and social functions.
  8. All departments of the college, (Gymkhana, Library, Debating club, Legal Aid Clinic, NSS etc) will work according to rules made in that behalf by the management.
  9. Students must keep their terms strictly in accordance with rules of college / university and Bar Council of India.
  10.  Every students of the college must have an identity card. He/ she should always carry it with him/ her in and out of the college and produce it whenever called upon to do so by the relevant authorities.
  11. In case of loss of identity card, a duplicate card will be issued upon submission of an undertaking regarding the loss on payment of fee of Rs. 50/- only
  12. It is compulsory for all law students (LL.B and BA, LL.B) to present them in the prescribed Dress code in the college premises, otherwise students will not be entertained in the college and or permitted to attend the classes.

Prescribed Dress Code for LL. B and BA, LL. B

                  Boys: White Shirt & Black Trousers

                  Girls:  Black Kameez / Kurta with White salwar and white dupatta.

  1. It is also compulsory for students to present themselves in the prescribed dress Code in the college premises otherwise students will not be allowed to enter the premises / campus.
  2. Use of mobile phone in the college premises is strictly prohibited. Students who opt for mobile use will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. No outsider is allowed to enter the college premises without permission of the Principal. Trespassers are liable   for prosecution.
  4. Smoking, chewing of pan, gutkha, tobacco etc and spitting is strictly prohibited in the college building and college premises.