Trial Education Program

Trial Education Program

Trial Education Program and Conveyancing of Property Week

The College has developed new trial education program and Conveyancing week in association with Adv. D.T.Jaibhave Pratishthan & Nasik Bar Association in 2014-2015 to have basic knowledge and professional attitude in budding lawyers. It was developed to take into account the differing needs and interests of students and imminent practitioners.

Program emphasizes practical orientation. Main Practical aspects covered under the TEP are Fundamental rules of pleadings , plaint & written statement, stages from FIR  to Charge sheet , Selection of forum for suits & Jurisdiction of courts, Observation of Courts ,Title Verification ,Matrimonial Proceeding ,Observation of Courts (Part II) ,Criminal Procedure –Prosecution Side ,Different types of Trial under Criminal Procedure Code, Examination in chief & Cross Examination under Indian Evidence Act ,Procedure under The Specific Relief Act , Drafting Pleading & Conveyancing , Banking Law & Practice  by eminent and experienced Practicing lawyers of the Bar Association . The Knowledge and experience is transferred from senior Lawyers to students through deliberations.

Conveyancing of Property week was also initiated with the involvement of Nashik Bar Association since academic year 2015-2016. In this various property related matters such as Title certificate, 7/12 extract, revenue & municipal records, Agreement to Sale, Sale Deeds was discussed with law students. It also covered theoretical and practical aspect like property transaction & Role of Advocate , Revenue Records & Maps, Municipal Records in Relation to Property  , Agreement to sale & sale Deed, Banking Documents, Registration of Documents ,Conveyancing a Bird Eye view , Transferable & Non Transferable Land, Revenue Records & Maps, Municipal Records in Relation to Property

This endeavor is effective in educating the students for drafting, Pleading, Conveyancing and Procedural skills.  It develops advocacy skills and critical thinking in addition to providing practical knowledge. The program includes court orientations, case Study and justice delivery system and career and personal planning.

Under this programme the students are accorded a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of experts whose focus is on practical application of law and the pragmatic approach that needs to be developed as practicing lawyers. These experts are eminent practicing senior lawyers, knowledgeable in matters of the court. Many of them are our alumni and they are at all times happy to share their experiences. They make students aware of the nuances of trial. These tips immensely help the budding lawyers to start practice.

He is familiar with proceedings of the trial court giving him an upper edge and advantage .He learns the tricks of the profession offered by the senior lawyers. This makes the student confident and education becomes interesting in the process. The Trial Education Programme (TEP) is a real practical exposure to the procedural matters which are not usually a part of the curriculum.

Practical legal skills are rooted in implied knowledge that is difficult to transfer by writing down or reading books. That is why students must experience and participate in order to acquire the skills. The trial education program positively impacts on developing analytical legal skills of forthcoming Lawyer.


Title of the Practice:
Short Term Training Programme in Research Methodology (Week long Training Programme)

It is designed to address the need of fundamental   methods and techniques of academic research in Law & Social Sciences .It aims to provide knowledge and skills in research methodology to Faculty, Research Scholars and Students.

The course aims to introduce them to the basic concepts used in research  so that they are able to undertake fruitful and relevant research. Research can be highly rewarding personally and professionally when conducted in a scientific manner. The outcome in the form of a Thesis, Dissertation, Book or Research Paper can be a work of quality if undertaken after skilled training.

. It has been sponsored by the SPPU Pune University/UGC. A coordinator is appointed each year whose responsibilities include all activities right from sending the proposal to the concerned authorities till the final conduct of the course. The brochures of the same are sent out to various colleges and academic institutions at least a month in advance, so as to enable the participants to plan their participation. Expert faculty are invited to deliver the lectures or conduct the sessions. Teaching methods include lectures, group discussions & exercises. All sessions are designed to ensure greater scholar participation and healthy interaction. Certificates are awarded to the participants at the valedictory function. This course has seen the participation of more than 120 research scholars since its inception in 2012. It includes sessions on research design, sampling techniques, data collection, identification of various sources of information for literature review and techniques of analysis. We make it a point to include a session on the ethical dimensions of research and a session on the components of scholarly writing.

The course has been consistently sponsored by the UGC/ SPPU/ G. E Society.. Colleges and institutions wait for the course to be announced so that they can participate