Moot Trial

Moot Trial

Title of the Practice: National Moot Trial and judgment writing Competition.

We are the first law institution which organizes Trial Competition along with Judgment writing. The idea behind organizing this competition has been to equip the students in trial advocacy as well as judicial services. We designed the competition so as to provide the students training in examining the witnesses, submitting and recording evidences on the oath, exercising judicial function & Judgment writing. This is done by providing regular guidance by senior advocates and the teachers.

We invite teams of 3 participants each from all the law colleges in India, of which one will be lawyer of plaintiff/applicant/complainant, the second one will represent the respondent and the third student will work as a judge who will sit on the dais along with a expert judge deputed by the organizers who supervise the moot judge in conduct of a trial and appreciating evidence. The lawyer of the applicant/complainant will submit his plaint, examine his witnesses and then the defendant lawyer will conduct the cross examination. Then the other students representing the respondent will submit the evidence in similar way. Two senior advocates work as observers, evaluate their performance, ask questions to these participants and thus give them tips on the intricacies of trial court procedures.

The  college to provide three volunteers to each team, out of which two will join the participant team as witnesses. We train some 250 students as volunteers and witnesses. The faculty of our college, senior advocates and the District Court judges train them to become witnesses  in court and the relevant provisions of the Indian Evidence Act and other procedural laws. After general training we allot three students to each participating team and allow them to be in touch with teams with the view that teams may further train them according to the facts of the case.

The third participant acts as a judge; he conducts the trial, records the evidence and writes the judgment based on the proved facts and the applicable law. During the trial, the two observers and a observer judge  maintain the proceedings to proceed according to the procedure laid down by law, hence, the whole competition goes as if  a  real Trial Court.

In this way our students get fully involved into Court Trial as witnesses and learn all the stages of trial as actual participants. They also get an opportunity to interact, participate & compete with the students of various law institutions .This is a unique & innovative practice designed to bridge the gap between the students from regional law colleges & national law schools. Further, this will create a permanent bondage between the students of our institution with the institutions of national & international repute. The involvement of our students in the trial as witnesses, the opportunity to face examination in chief & cross examination and the interaction with the students from National Law Schools and other reputed legal institutions of India makes our students more confident, bold enough to develop a dialogue with the judge and acquaints them with the exact procedure of Trial Court.

Other example is:

Title of the Practice: Short Term Training Programme in Research Methodology (Week long Training Programme)

It is designed to address the need of fundamental   methods and techniques of academic research in Law & Social Sciences .It aims to provide knowledge and skills in research methodology to Faculty, Research Scholars and Students.

 The course aims to introduce them to the basic concepts used in research  so that they are able to undertake fruitful and relevant research. Research can be highly rewarding personally and professionally when conducted in a scientific manner. The outcome in the form of a Thesis, Dissertation, Book or Research Paper can be a work of quality if undertaken after skilled training.

. It has been sponsored by the SPPU Pune University/UGC. A coordinator is appointed each year whose responsibilities include all activities right from sending the proposal to the concerned authorities till the final conduct of the course. The brochures of the same are sent out to various colleges and academic institutions at least a month in advance, so as to enable the participants to plan their participation. Expert faculty are invited to deliver the lectures or conduct the sessions. Teaching methods include lectures, group discussions & exercises. All sessions are designed to ensure greater scholar participation and healthy interaction. Certificates are awarded to the participants at the valedictory function. This course has seen the participation of more than 120 research scholars since its inception in 2012. It includes sessions on research design, sampling techniques, data collection, identification of various sources of information for literature review and techniques of analysis. We make it a point to include a session on the ethical dimensions of research and a session on the components of scholarly writing.

The course has been consistently sponsored by the UGC/ SPPU/ G. E Society.. Colleges and institutions wait for the course to be announced so that they can participate.