Street Plays

Street Plays

100 Street Plays and District Level Street Play Competition

The College was established with the vision of imparting Quality legal education with the view to producing world class professionals, scholars and academicians in law. From the beginning we realized our social responsibility and need to spread knowledge of law in society. In achieving this college has conducted 100 street plays in the centenary year of the Gokhale Education Society through legal Aid Clinic As indicated in academic Calendar. The object of street plays was to make people aware of their rights as Legal awareness helps to promote consciousness of legal culture.

Final year Law students divided in 5 groups. It comprised of 12-15 students in each group performed street plays all over Nashik city to create Legal Awareness on various issues such as  Traffic Rules, Rights of Labour, Women Empowerment, Organ donation and its importance, Rights of senior citizens etc.

Street plays targeted a random audience in a busy market, street, and a mall where people were busy with their own work.  It not only creates awareness among people but help to encourage social change too.

These Street Plays were conducted from 27th July 2017 to 22nd January 2018 early in the morning and in the Evening as planned in academic calendar. Legal awareness program covered different places like schools, colleges, jogging tracks, public places, streets, squares, senior citizen clubs, Malls, Markets etc. varying from place to place depending upon the needs of a locality and  people. These plays have the potentials to start a social transformation. This enthusiasm if used in the correct manner can lead to drastic changes in our society. Changes we wish for.

It has been appreciated by G.E.Society. The performance was also admired by local viewers. Through these street plays we strive to promote legal awareness in the community and could achieve social goals inculcated in our vision. Our sincere endeavor lead us to initiate Street Play Competition.

Street Play Competition

The College has organized district level intra-college street Play Competition with an object of creating awareness, empowering the youth and utilizing right to freedom of speech and expression positively.

Street Play Competition performed in the open and public area of our college. Social issues like ill effect of social media, importance of cleanliness, Role of Media, Dowry demands, female feticide, ban on use of Plastic bags, road Safety etc. related to youth and community were tackled through these street plays competition with vista to change the society slowly into a better place to live in.

More than 130 Students from various colleges had registered in this competition. Each college Team consisted of 10 to 12 Students performed street play in certain time allotted to perform the competition. Cash Prizes awarded to best three teams and two best characters to encourage efforts of participants.